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Q. What is the Point Insurance Reduction Program?
A. New York State mandates that all insurance companies provide a minimum 10% discount on Liability, Collision, and No-fault Insurance for the principal operator of a motor vehicle. This savings remains in effect for three years. Furthermore, completion of an approved PIRP program can reduce up to 4 points from your driving record.

Q. What do you mean by Principal Driver?
A. The person who drives the motor vehicle most often is considered the Principal Operator.

Q. How does the Point Reduction work?
A. The DMV will be notified within 10 weeks after you complete the course. Their computers will automatically reduce up to 4 points from your record for the 18 month period that precedes your completion date. Important: Completion of a course under the "Point & Insurance Reduction Program" does not remove, delete, subtract, or erase any violation, conviction, or notice of original number of points from your driving record. Even after you complete the course, most violations, conviction and points assessed will continue to show on your driving record for up to four years. Violations and convictions involving drugs or alcohol will remain on your driving record for ten years. "Point reduction" means the DMV will not count up to four points on your driving record toward license revocation or suspension.

Q. How do I get my 10% Insurance Reduction?
A. You will be mailed a completion certificate within 45 days after you complete the course. If you present your certificate to your insurance company or agent within 90 days after course completion, your liability, collision, and no-fault premium reduction will begin immediately, retroactive to the date you completed the course. If you present your certificate more than 90 days after course completion, the insurer may issue the premium discount effective from the date presented.

Q. How much does the course cost?
A. Course cost varies by company. The average cost, in the Buffalo area is between $30 and $40.

Q. How long is the Course?
A. The course can be held over two weekday evenings (3 Hours Each), or in one session on a Saturday. In either case the course totals 6 hours.

Q. Will I save more money if more members of my family take the course?
A. The insurance reduction will apply to all motor vehicles principally operated by any member of the family who completes the course. Hence, if you have three people in your family and three cars, each principal operator can receive the discount for the car they drive. But there can only be one principal operator per car.

Q. Who is eligible to take this defensive driving course?
A. Any licensed New York State Driver is eligible to take the course.

Defensive Driving FAQ'S

Defensive Driving FAQ'S