Automobile Collision Causes

There are several factors that enter into automobile collision causes. The most prominent is driver behavior. If you don’t know your responsibilities in a car crash visit the New York State DMV to learn your obligations. Categorizing Driver Behavior Attitudes: Some people lack the motivation to drive their automobile in a safe manner. They may… Continue reading Automobile Collision Causes

New York PIRP

New York PIRP The New York PIRP is short for the New York Point Insurance Reduction Program. The course can be taken in a classroom environment, or you can enroll in an online course. Let’s look at how taking the course can be a benefit to a licensed New York State Driver.   Insurance Reduction If… Continue reading New York PIRP

Driver Responsibility Assessment

So, what is the Driver Responsibility Assessment in N.Y.? Well, for certain offenses you must pay the DMV and additional fine every year for three years. Now, this fee is in addition to the fines, penalties and municipal surcharges that you already paid. We’ll cover the particular offenses below. Many drivers consider this additional fine… Continue reading Driver Responsibility Assessment

Drugs and Driving

We talk a lot about drinking and driving. But, let often we hear about Drugs and Driving. It isn’t just illegal drugs that can affect a driver. In one  of our recent defensive driving classes, a student was ordered by the court to take our class because she was driving drugged. She took prescription medication that… Continue reading Drugs and Driving

Speed Kills

Speeding is a contributor to almost 10,000 fatal crashes each year in the United States. Even reading this number, and knowing that speed kills, drivers don’t seem to slow down. No matter how well you think that you can speed and still drive safely consider these facts. Speeding Facts The faster you go, the more… Continue reading Speed Kills

Fall Driving

Fall is a time when road and weather conditions make getting there a little tougher. Here are a few tips to keep you safe during fall driving months. We talk about this in our classroom defensive driving course in Buffalo, NY. Avoid Glare The first 15 to 45 minutes after sunrise and before sunset can… Continue reading Fall Driving

Know Your Tires

It’s important to know your tires. Think about it. Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that is in contact with the road. That alone should tell us how important they are to our overall safety. Certainly, safety awareness should be everyone’s goal. It’s not just for ourselves, but for others who are… Continue reading Know Your Tires

Is Distracted Driving Decreasing?

People ask us, “Is distracted driving decreasing?” With all the attention focused on the subject the question seems reasonable. So,  are drivers becoming more attentive, or are an inordinate number of us still driving distracted? Well, we do know that distracted driving related crashes have cost employers almost 19 billion dollars in 2019 alone. And,… Continue reading Is Distracted Driving Decreasing?