Automobile Collision Causes

There are several factors that enter into automobile collision causes. The most prominent is driver behavior. If you don’t know your responsibilities in a car crash visit the New York State DMV to learn your obligations.

Automobile CollisionCategorizing Driver Behavior

  • Attitudes: Some people lack the motivation to drive their automobile in a safe manner. They may take unnecessary risks. Then may be reckless. They may simply be aggressive drivers. Or, they may be distracted by things that affect the ability to drive safely. Maybe they drink alcohol and Drive. Maybe they use drugs and drive. These are just a few examples of people not driving defensively.
    Safe driving requires focusing on what lies ahead and driving defensively. Any distraction, or attitude that circumvents safe driving, puts the driver at risk. Well, not only the driver, but others on the road.
  • Learned Abilities: Through practice, people develop both good and bad driving skills. Good skill begin when basic instruction is taught to the new driver. By developing good basic skills, a driver is then able to develop good driving habits. The more one is motivated to be safe, the more good driving skills become automatic. When these skills are not developed, poor driving behavior creeps in, and a driving can become a potential hazard.
  • Natural abilities: Humans are all different. Some have better hearing. Some see better than others. Some may be more or less intelligent. We cannot change our natural abilities. But, we can recognize our strengths and weaknesses. Doing so, we can act in a manner that provides us the best opportunity to stay safe.

Since most automobile collision causes relate to driver behavior, we have an opportunity to recognize what behavior is putting us at risk. We can then work to correct any negative conduct.

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