New York PIRP

New York PIRP

The New York PIRP is short for the New York Point Insurance Reduction Program. The course can be taken in a classroom environment, or you can enroll in an online course. Let’s look at how taking the course can be a benefit to a licensed New York State Driver.


Insurance Reduction

If you complete the six-hour course, and you are the principal driver of an automobile, you are entitled to a minimum reduction of ten percent for your auto Liability, Collision, and No-Fault insurance. This discount is valid for three years. After three years, you would have to take the New Your PIRP course again to renew your discount.

Let’s say you own two cars. You must be the Principal operator of both cars. Then, you are entitled to the discount on each automobile.

After you complete the course, you will be sent a certificate of course completion. It is recommended that you take this certificate to your insurance company no later than 90 days after receiving it.


Point Reduction

If a New York Driver reaches the threshold of losing their license because of accumulated points, they have the opportunity to avoid the potential suspension. This is because you create the possibility of removing points, thus possibly enabling you to keep your license.

However, there are limits. Firstly, only points accrued during the eighteen months before course completion are eligible for the reduction. PIRP will not apply to violations before the that eighteen-month period. Nor will points apply to reduce future violations.

There are other limitations as well. For example: You commit an offense that requires a mandatory suspension or revocation. That action is NOT affected by Point Reduction. Furthermore, understand that the violation you committed is not erased, or otherwise modified. The violation remains on your driving record.

Auto Insurance

You can learn more about PIRP by visiting the New York State DMV.

If you are interested in taking our New York State PIRP-approved course, you can visit our class schedule page for upcoming classroom dates. Or, you can take our online course.

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