Driver Responsibility Assessment

Driver Responsibility AssessmentSo, what is the Driver Responsibility Assessment in N.Y.? Well, for certain offenses you must pay the DMV and additional fine every year for three years. Now, this fee is in addition to the fines, penalties and municipal surcharges that you already paid. We’ll cover the particular offenses below. Many drivers consider this additional fine to be another way for the State to dig into your wallet. And, it’s difficult to argue. However, if implementing outrageous fees and penalties for breaking the law is the only way to motivate drivers to be safe, then it’s tough to argue against. We discuss this, any other aspects of driving an automobile in our Defensive Driving Course.

Convictions that require payment of a Driver Responsibility Assessment

  • Any Drug or Alcohol offense: This includes, DWI, DUI, DWAI – Drug. The annual assessment is currently $250 per year for three years. That’s an additional $750 on top of what you already paid in fines.
  • Chemical Test Refusal: This is also $250 per year for three years. It will also result in a one year suspension of your license.
  • 6 Points in 18 months: The annual assessment is $100 per year for three years. Think about it. That’s equivalent to two speeding tickets.
  • Additional Points: Let’s say that you got those two speeding tickets above. Then you received a ticket for a rolling stop sign. That’s two points. The charge is $25 per point for three years. That comes to $50 a year, or another $150 total.

To learn more about New York’s assessment. You can also call the DMV at: 518-474-0774.

Oh, let’s assume you neglect to pay the DMV. Should you not pay, New York can suspend your driver’s license. The suspension is only removed after you pay the assessment bill.

Well, there you have it. Remember, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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