New Seat Belt Law

seat belt safetyState lawmakers in New York created a new seat belt law. We mentioned this in our blog of last August. And now, it’s official. It requires passengers in the rear to buckle up. Previously, only rear passengers under the age of 16 needed to be bucked-in. Now, even adult passengers in the rear will need to fasten their seat belts at all times. Yes that’s right. Every occupant regardless of age must fasten the belt. This includes passengers in a taxi. What about a bus? Well, city buses don’t have seat belts. I guess I should say , “yet.” However, school buses do. In New York, all school buses are required to have seat belts. As of this writing, it’s up to individual districts to enforce their use. But, school bus drivers must wear a seat belt.

The state outlines its rules for safety restraints on the Department of Motor Vehicles website. Here you can get information regarding Child Safety Seats, Booster Seats, and the current seat belt law.

Our online defensive driving course discusses the current seat belt law in far more detail than the highlights we provide here.But, we should point out the medical exemption and the requirements to meet it.

Medical Exemption

For almost every medical problem or physical situation, wearing a seat belt increases your protection against death or serious injury. However, if a physical condition inhibits the proper use of a seat belt, you may be exempt from the seat belt law if your doctor certifies your condition and exemption in writing. Certification must be on the physicians letterhead and carried with you when you travel.


A driver in New York, caught without a seatbelt buckled can expect a $50 fine. There’s also a $25 to $100 fine for each passenger who isn’t wearing a seatbelt. So, save money and save lives. Buckle up.

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