Is Distracted Driving Decreasing?

People ask us, “Is distracted driving decreasing?” With all the attention focused on the subject the question seems reasonable. So,  are drivers becoming more attentive, or are an inordinate number of us still driving distracted? Well, we do know that distracted driving related crashes have cost employers almost 19 billion dollars in 2019 alone. And,… Continue reading Is Distracted Driving Decreasing?

New Seat Belt Law

State lawmakers in New York created a new seat belt law. We mentioned this in our blog of last August. And now, it’s official. It requires passengers in the rear to buckle up. Previously, only rear passengers under the age of 16 needed to be bucked-in. Now, even adult passengers in the rear will need… Continue reading New Seat Belt Law

Safe Driving Tips

This blog will feature safe driving tips that could save you from serious injury, or even death. Common sense and developing good habits can go a long way to insure our safety on the highway. It’s easy to forget that every time we get behind the wheel we have the potential for a dangerous outcome.… Continue reading Safe Driving Tips