Legislation Considered in NY

Legislation considered in NY for driversEvery State in the union is constantly passing new laws. New York is no different. So, I thought we would outline some of the current legislation considered in NY State as it relates to driving. These bills listed are as of the date of this article, so they could change in the future

These are just a few changes to the law that would effect you as a driver. Items marked with “A’ refer to Bills before the Assembly. Items marked “S” are Bills before the Senate. We added a link to each proposal. So, in the event you wish to study a given proposed law further, you can do so. In our New York approved Insurance Reduction course, we discuss the current laws governing drivers, rather than legislation considered in NY. Or, any potential laws. If you took our course, these bills will broaden what you learned in class.

Proposed Bills in New York State

  • A01516 Relates to prohibiting a pedestrian from using a portable electronic device while crossing a roadway
  • A01934 Enacts the “non-motion under the influence of electronics act”
  • A03083 Relates to prohibiting the use of head-mounted portable electronic devices while driving
  • A03113 Relates to making the commission of use of a mobile telephone or portable electronic device in a motor vehicle with a child therein, a misdemeanor
  • A03568 Relates to providing that a motor vehicle will be considered to be in motion while stopped at traffic control devices and stop signs for purposes of mobile phones and other portable electronic devices
  • A02246 Relates to increasing the penalties for passing a stopped school bus
  • A02979 Relates to increasing the fines associated with passing a stopped school bus by certain vehicles
  • S01056 Makes the owner of a vehicle used to pass or overtake a stopped school bus jointly liable with the operator thereof when violation is on camera or observed

You can access the complete and current New York traffic law here.


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