School Bus Driving Tips

School BusSummer can spoil the average traveler to and from the way to work. That’s because there are no school buses to slow-down the commute. But, school is about to start and we need to take extra caution around schools and school buses. The end of summer is a good time to look at some school bus driving tips.

Stopping for a school bus can irritate people. That’s because we all seem to be in a hurry to get to wherever it is we are going. But let’s remember, these are our children. Their safety must be of utmost importance.

Know these School Bus Driving Tips

Some school bus driving tips:

  • When yellow or red lights flash and the “stop” arm extends, all traffic in both directions must stop.
  • We should allow extra space around the bus. The first 10 feet are the most dangerous.
  • Kids can be impulsive, which makes their actions unpredictable. We need to anticipate potential risks to better prevent a problem.
  • We should never block a crosswalk and yield to, not just children, but all pedestrians.
  • When near a schoolyard it’s a good idea to look for children. It’s better to see them before it’s too late.
  • It’s always important to pay more attention and slow down when children are in the area.

In New York, there is talk about putting cameras on school buses. This is because too many people disobey the laws that cars must adhere to when a school bus stops. I for one favor this. In new York, it is now a 5 point violation for passing a school bus when the lights and flashing and the arm is extended.

The NHTSA has an excellent article and video addressing school bus safety. In addition, we talk about this subject at length in our defensive driving course in Buffalo, New York.

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