Parking Lots and Tempers

Parking Lots and TempersWhy do parking lots and tempers go hand-in-hand? Parking Today Media looked at this issue. I want to address it here, but for the full article visit

Parking Lots and Tempers

First, Parking Today Media says that people are attached to their cars. They say this relationship ranks third. It’s right after family and home. It makes sense to me. A car can be an extension of someone’s identity. Some people have to have their sports car. Others have to have their truck, and so on. So, when our identity is threatened or challenged, we personally are threatened or challenged. This can lead to bad outcomes.

The fuse to our anger can light easily. And, there are several reasons for it. We may feel the situation to be unjust. Maybe you were waiting for that spot and someone jumped in ahead of you. Or maybe you are in a hurry. No spots are available, and the more you look for one, the more unsettled you become. Perhaps your boss came down on your earlier in the day and that angst is still with you. Thus, you are already mad.

Sometimes the smallest event can send you over the edge. Or, your behavior could send someone else over the edge. What we don’t want is for parking lots or tempers to lead us into the trap of aggression. Aggressive behavior exists not only in parking lots, but on the highway as well. Our defensive driving classes in Buffalo New York talk about the consequences of aggressive behavior at length.

The point is: There are times when we need to take a breath and remind ourselves that our behavior can fuel matters to the point where they quickly become out of control. In short, don’t let your temper, or another person’s temper, get the best of you.


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