Why is summer driving so dangerous?

Summer Driving is DangerousEver wonder why summer driving so dangerous?

The lazy days of summer come and we are on the go. We are in are cars far more often. There are more cars on the road, and as a result road safety becomes an issue. Compared to driving in a snowstorm, summer offers a more relaxed feeling as we cruise down the road. But, did you know that August has the second highest number of fatal crashes? That’s according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The other summer months are not far behind. Here are a few reasons why summer driving is so dangerous and deadly.

Why is summer so deadly?

There are a number of reasons why summer is so deadly.

  • There are more young people on the road. That’s because school is on summer break. Teens simply do not posses the experience of more seasoned drivers. Statistics show they more more apt to text when behind the wheel. They have yet to develop a keen sense of judgement, and this increases the risk of a crash. Insurance companies agree. Teens are more likely to have a crash than any other age group.
  • Tire problems are more likely to occur. It could be a flat a high speed, or even a blowout. What happens is, the air inside your tire expands due to summer heat. If your tires are worn and improperly inflated, you are at higher risk for a blowout.
  • Summer brings out motorcycles and bicycles. So, we’re sharing the road with objects that may be difficult to see. Both these types of vehicles can easily get lost in our blind spot.
  • The time for road repairs is summertime. Thus, there are more construction sites, which brings us in contact with road workers. These workers are at risk of serious injury. That’s why traffic fines double. Some people don’t exercise enough caution in work zones.
  • People are on vacation. This adds to the congestion on our highways. The more congestion, the more opportunity for crashes to occur.
  • Your car’s engine is more likely to overheat in the summer than it is in the winter.

The best way to prepare for what we may encounter is to recognize that potential problems exist. In addition to “why summer driving is so dangerous, we have several articles on Safe Driving on our blog.



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