Motorcycle Safety

MotorcycleSummer is here and motorcyclists are ready to ride. So, we need to be concerned about motorcycle safety. The risks seem to increase every year.  This is because there are more cars and trucks on the road than ever. As good motorcycle drivers know, it’s important to stay aware of what’s around you.

In 2019, 5014 people died in motorcycle crashes. That’s according to the NHTSA recent report. In fact, motorcycle drivers are 5 times more likely to suffer serious injury from a crash than a car driver. So, is motorcycle safety an issue? Yes, it is. We discuss motorcycle safety at length in both our defensive driving classroom course, and our online course.

As seasoned motorcycle drivers know, hazards like loose gravel, potholes, and other elements which may be insignificant to cars, can present serious problems for the motorcycle driver.

Things that can help you stay safe are:

· Stay abreast of current traffic laws. These laws change constantly.

· Stay visible. It’s easy for cars not to see you. Don’t get lost in their blind spot.

· Wear your helmet.

· Stay alert. Anticipate the unexpected.

A crash can prove deadly for the motorcycle drive. Thus, you need to be more cautious than when driving your car. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable in any type of crash. So, as a car driver we need to be alert, especially at intersections. To obtain a wealth of tips for motorcycle safety visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. They provide a variety if tips and videos that are helpful and informative for both car and motorcycle drivers. Enjoy your summer and be safe.

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